Debbie Gray 

Educator, Author,

Workshop Presenter and Keynote Speaker.  

Contact:  816-797-9836

After a Bachelors degree in music education, a Masters in teaching, post graduate work in behavioral studies, directing vocals for commercials and  national recordings, authoring THESE TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS and, most recently, the Teachers Guide to  accompany the award-winning children's CD: COME SING ALONG WITH JANIE NEXT DOOR, training while entertaining as a conference speaker and workshop clinician,  Debbie Gray realizes she is an antique.  After all, she was on earth before Candyland,  Disneyland, Holiday Inn, Days Inn, Yahtzee and Yo-Yo's.   But, she also realizes that this age-plus-experience concept has its advantages when it comes to classroom management.                                                                                   

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